Corporate Lesson

Lesson Delivery to your office

Porcelarts is very popular hobby among ladies. Event lesson delivery for ladies group party, corporate or union member meeting or welfare purpose is available. Contents detail will be explained by the prior meeting.

Detail of corporate lesson

Person 5 persons or more
Hours 2 hour lesson (30~60 min for preparation and settle down)
Resource requirement Meeting room
Create object Mag cup or plate can be chosen by prior explanation
Price Subject to venue or persons

ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 企業様レッスン (1) ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 企業様レッスン (3) ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 企業様レッスン (2)

Oveall flow

Prior preparation Decide what you want to produce on the delivery date, design plate or cup.
Lesson day Explain outline of producing object beginning at the space, then start
creation. Approx.2 hours start to end.
After lesson Produced object to be kept at our office to print burning. Send all products to designated destination.


About Porcelarts

Production procedure detail of Porcelarts click here.

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