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What you can learn at Porcelarts

It is Porcelarts salon, Mercy Ginza, located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, very close to Ginza. Below you can learn about Porcelarts. You can tae your license by clearing all the assignments.

Trasing paper

ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 インストラクター


Transfer paper has various kinds such as single color, gradation, pattern transfer paper like floral pattern. You choose what you like to use to make your designe. Transfer paper is Basic techniques of Porcelarts. Porcelarts can enjoy even people who are not good at painting.


ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 インストラクター 上絵具 色見本 (2)


Of course paint freely. You can attach color to a wide surface with sponge etc. You can also add symbols with stencils.

Surface treatment

ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 インストラクター 3枚タイル


Original technique of Porcelarts. On Surface treatment ,you can paint like Water color style and Texture of pastel.

Pen work

ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 インストラクター ペンワーク


It is a technology that can draw a thin line like a pen. You can draw delicate patterns.

Gold color

ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 インストラクター 金彩


The work becomes more glossy. Width of works will be expanded with drawing with brush, using iron pin, drawing with fingers.


ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 インストラクター ラスター


It is a technique to make metallic luster like rainbow color by making a thin metallic film on the surface of porcelain by using metal organic compound and raster liquid composed of organic solvent and adjusting the light.


ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 インストラクター 盛り


It is a technique to decorate the porcelain surface three-dimensionally with a dot etc. Use with Gold color and Raster.

ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 インストラクター 卒業制作 (1)


Learn about various tasks, and finally create pots and cups & saucers. Then submit the photo to the headquarters to take a license.

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  1. ポーセラーツ 銀座 メルシー銀座 上絵の具 色見本2
  2. ポーセラーツ 銀座 金彩 メルシー銀座
  3. ポーセラーツ インストラクター