Students from overseas

Acquire qualification in a short period of time

We are Porcelarts salon in Tokyo. Our salon have many students who some is come from oversea.They stay around 15 days in Japan and get qualification. Porcelarts is one of hobby that from Japan. If you study Porcelarts in Japan,you have chance to open salon in your country. Merci ginza have english lesson of Porcelarts. We have original text in English.If you are interesting in Porcelarts, Feel free asking anything.

ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 卒業制作

The following is the details of English.

Porcelarts lesson details


  1. ポーセラーツ インストラクター
  2. ポーセラーツ メルシー銀座 卒業制作 (3)
  3. ポーセラーツ 銀座 メルシー銀座 卒業制作 (17)
  4. ポーセラーツ 銀座 上絵の具 色見本 メルシー銀座 (3)